To enable a smooth transition in the farm´s team, the project chose the path of qualifying workers from the old team (Sérgio´s father era) as well as bring new member that could add a new and different mentality focused on understanding the company´s culture.
Believing, preparing and motivating people are part of the MEQ`s educational DNA.

Thus, 2 olt-time workers, Junior and Diocelio, with 26 and 25 years at that time, were offered and intensive training system, as well as returning to school to finish their high school (night classes) and Portuguese and Math private lessons held at the farm. Insemination courses, basic Microsoft Office classes were courses held for both workers to prepare them for the company´s future.

The company also created a Trainee Program to enable building the new farm team, ready to achieve the company´s goals. With good academic experience and knowing the main Brazilian educational challenges, Sergio searched for educational partnerships to recruit new talents.



It´s important to highlight that the MEQ´s trainee program allows trainees, both at the technical and University level, to understand the farm as business, enabling students a full cycle trainee program in which they will have experiences in all dairy farming areas: administration, feeding and nutrition, calf raising, milking, environment and management. In each sector the trainee will be accompanied by the sector´s coordinator and by the end of the program (2-3 months) he/she will evaluate the company´s program as well and evaluation of his/her performance in each sector will made. Such feedback system allows the program´s progress and opens the possibility for future trainee indications for other farms, dairy industries or cooperatives.

The young farm team results from the trainee program which started in 2012. It all began with the ROGE Foundation, a technical school which uses the farm facilities for dairy practical lessons and is located 50 km from the farm. The success of this program has led to many success cases, such as the milk Coordinator, Monica, the Environmental Coordinator, Leonardo, the Milk Technician, Jaine and the Administrative Coordinator, Maria Eduarda, among others (around 70% of the company´s team).



These actions construct a management model that enables the professional development of young agricultural students, motivating them to join the enterprise and, as a consequence, contributing to cease the rural exodus which has been occurring in Brazil over the last decade.
MEQ already has educational partnerships with at least one rural educational institution from each region of the country such as Federal Institutes of Triângulo Mineiro (southeast), Rio Grande do Sul (south), Rondônia (north), Pernambuco (northeast) and Mato Grosso Federal University (central west).

Moreover, an international partnership with the Aarhus University and Dalum Landgbrugsskole Agricultural College through the MEQ´s dairy industry Project and its TRAINEE PROGRAM. More than 50 students from all over Brazil and from Denmark as well have already participated in this program.



Educating to Produce

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