In the São Bento farm, milk production is based on an irrigated grazing system from October until April and during the dry season (May until September) the cows are confined in an open area feedlot system with trees for shading, dirt floor, and free space for animals to walk around, enabling animal welfare. Tifton 85 (rotational grazing) and corn (silage) are forage sources.

The Project began in 2009 with a daily milk production around 600 liters and 70 ½ zebu-Holstein breed lactating cows (9 L/cow/day average). In 2014, already at a 3/4 holstein-zebu cross, the farm reached the projected goal of 2000 L, with 133 lactating cows (15 L/cow/day average). The milk is stored in milk tanks and Danubio dairy industry does daily milk collections. The final goal for milk production is to reach 4500 L with 260-275 lactating cows (17 L/cow/day average). The farm pretends, by 2020, having an entire Jersey herd only, due to it´s main goal of becoming a dairy industry!

Table 1: Projections of daily milk production*

*star off production- 600 L/day; ** achieved in 2017 already


Table 2: Milk quality




Milking Management

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Calf Raising

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