Although, it is still uncommon in the Brazilian dairy farms, MEQ believes that achieving a high quality pattern milk production comes before the production volume itself. Therefore, training, preparing and supporting it´s farm´s teams is an important issue to enable reaching long-term goals. Such capacitation will allow collaborators to become proactive, ready to take correct decisions, good team workers, responsible and, if necessary, able to delegate tasks.

Therefore, the company created it´s Trainee program, so that, under long-term conditions, it could build a young, qualified and committed team, and also shorten the distance between rural educational institutions and the farmers. Prioritizing the worker’s formation enables building young collaborators with characteristics that allow them to understand the farm as a business in which they can grow, evolve and have positive harvests regarding not only for their own lives as well as for the company´s objectives. The enterprise offers opportunities for professional growth and development, defining which steps are necessary for such achievement. Thus, motivating employees with lectures, field days, courses, weekly (manager and calf raising and milking coordinators) and monthly (entire team) team meetings to keep them aware of the company´s goals to be reached is crucial.

The enterprise’s main focus is to produce quality food based on the “ethics quality” philosophy. Therefore, belief, preparation and motivation among team members are in its DNA. An example such behavior is the preparation and transformation, of ex trainees into team members, including agricultural technicians and other students from agricultural sciences that are building their careers in the enterprise.